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The world of FREE RAIN® has successfully combined their strong passion for fashion, nature, and love of dogs.

A globally registered trademark, this original and functional idea was born in 2013 thanks to Roberto Sandrini, based on his many years in the fashion industry and a strong love for his dog Emma, an Australian Shepherd.


The premier product of FREE RAIN® is “My Life Dog Jacket”, the first jacket in the world designed and made specifically for people who want to be with their dog, whether in the country or city; but it’s not just for dog owners.  It is a truly versatile item which could be worn, for example, on top of a blazer or dress, providing a chic look, while at the same time it could add a truly unique flair to a turtle neck or jeans.

“My life changed completely - says Roberto Sandrini - from the moment that I met Emma. Because of depression, the psychiatrist suggested that I get a dog; with Emma it was love at first sight and I can’t stand the thought of being away from her.

This unique jacket was created thanks to Emma. I was in Milan one rainy day, and upon entering a well-known café I kindly asked for a bowl of water for her, which was promptly denied. After receiving such a negative response it came to my mind that a multi-functional jacket was needed, which contained all the basic necessities of a dog and its owner; this is how, on that rainy day, the first model of FREE RAIN® “My Life Dog Jacket” was conceived”.

Thanks to its success in various parts of the world, the Dog Jacket, manufactured according to high and innovative standards, is now available for both men and women in 3 different styles and a variety of colours.

Using the best available materials on the market, this “Made in Italy” item has the uniqueness of having 17 pockets, every one of which has a specific use: holding dog food, muzzle, gloves, cell phone, newspaper, glasses, pens and necessary “bags”. Inside one of the pockets there is even a collapsible, rain-proof bowl which is made out of the same material as the jacket.

In the Free Rain® line, besides the jacket, there are many other products that maintain the same high quality, style, and craftsmanship.


A product that is well-made makes us feel good”.

The idea is that attire needs a change of direction; more attention to quality and less attention to labels, whereby every item has a specific use, allows for a wardrobe full of iconic items, always rigorous in style, eclectic and easily adaptable.

The passion for our work is evident through the scrupulous attention to authentic quality, not to mention the care brought to every detail and the craftsmanship in every single item.

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