1. The prices of the product are the ones specified in the website at the time the Customer sends the order. The prices are inclusive of the cost of packaging and the Italian taxes (IVA, when applicable) in effect at the time of the purchase. The prices of the product on sales can be changed at any time.

2. If the Products have to be delivered in a country which do not belong to the European Union, the total price specified has to be understood clear from any custom duties and any other tax on the sale. The Customer is encouraged to get information from the competent authorities of his own country or the country where the product will be delivered.

3. Are charged exclusively to the Customer any possible other cost, charge, duty or tax which a country may apply, with any right, to the ordered Products based on these general sale conditions.

4. The Customer declares that the lack of knowledge of costs, charge, duty or tax whereof in the above paragraphs 2 and 3, at the moment of the sending of an order to the Seller, will not represent reason of dissolution of this contract and that he cannot debit the above charges to the Seller in any way.

5. Shipping in Italy and in every EU country are free. For the Extra-Eu countries, the shipping costs are charged on the Customer and included in the price of the product at the moment of the confirmation of the order.


1. Purchases made on the website can be paid through transfer made in advance (choosing the Bank Transfer payment, finishing the order, the customer will receive automatically a confirmation e-mail with Roberto Sandrini Snc’s bank details, and the merchandise will be put on hold until the arrival of the transfer on the bank account), Credit card and PayPal (choosing the PayPal payment the Customer can pay with His PayPal account).

2. Once completed the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your Order Number, the summary of the details of Your purchase and the expected delivery time.